Mountain Bikes

When it came to picking the brands for our mountain bikes, we had very strong ideas of who we wanted to work with.

Right from the start we decided to avoid the brands you find in every town and almost every bike shop. We wanted to bring you something special, unique, rare but ultimately awesome!

To this end, we are very proud to bring 'Stooge Cycles' to our humble store! Created by Andrew Stephenson of Shropshire, the Mark 3 and Speedball models are designed to 'rail' tearing down a mountain side with your arse hanging over the back and your hands unweighted. These bikes embody the word 'Hardcore'


The difficult bit is choosing Steel or Titanium....


For those of you looking for adventure, we have the worlds fastest 'Fatbike' in store in the shape of Salsa's acclaimed 'Beargrease' and the stunning drop bar mountain bike, the 'Fargo'


We have full suspension bikes from Cannondale with the all new Trigger and Jekyll models arriving real soon.


For those new to mountain biking, we have the awesome range of hard tails from 'Diamond Back' that offer incredible ride quality and handling, a build quality to shame bigger brands and a specification that pound for pound simply cannot be touched. You don't win hardtail of the year in the hotly contested and overcrowded category of 'below £1000' easily.........Diamond Back did!


We offer bikes across all price points, from a few hundred pounds to........well you decide!