Children's Bikes

To play a small part in a child learning to ride is very special to us. 

The sense of achievement, freedom and adventure a youngster gains when they first discover bicycle balance cannot be under estimated.

Carefully selecting models from the Raleigh 'Performance' and Diamond Back ranges of bikes, we have something amazing for any youngster. Each model has been designed especially to fit and adjust to growing kids and all feature lightweight frames and components for maximum fun.


We absolutely love balance bikes, so to help nurture the next generation and to make it easier on hard working parents, we will agree (at the point of purchase) a 'buy back' price for your new balance bike against a pedal bike when your little one is ready to progress.


To ensure the safety of your most important little people, we have what are quite simply the 'Coolest' kids helmets from 'Uvex' all of which set new standards for protection and surpass even the toughest tests.