Electric Bikes

The world of E-Bikes is new to many people. One thing is true however, they are a breath of fresh air! For those who have suffered injury or illness they provide the extra bit of assistance to help you get back to fitness without the strain, for people who thought age is a barrier to cycling, they open up the open road again. Or maybe you just want to enjoy cycling without the desire to break a sweat? Either way, E-Bikes are the way forward.


Electrically assisted bikes come in many shapes and sizes, all have various features that will benefit different peoples needs. 

Range, reliability, servicing and charge times are all common but important questions, at One more bicycle we have collaborated closely with Raleigh to bring their full range into store, enabling you to see and test ride the bikes prior to making a decision.

We have the expertise to advise you on all aspects of these incredible machines.


One thing's for sure, the smile of amazement that appears on the face of everyone who tries them is a guaranteed reaction.


Come and see for yourself.